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...committed to investigating and assaulting the security system of an association or individual
with the plan of discovering and uncovering weaknesses that crackers can endeavor and exploit

OXPAHAT encompasses a team of certified and experienced ethical hacker, cyber security experts, computer analyst and engineers,private investigators, forensic specialists and many more cyber expertise that make sure services are rendered at its zenith to bring all cyber threats to no avail in all ramifications, we also offer financial management with security and legitimate investigators to concentrate on some number of clients who might have infidelity concerns/issues. We process all request and jobs on confidential standards.


Cyber Security

Need services of our certified ethical hackers on DDOS attacks, phishing campaigns, we offer complete standards with high years experience team of professional hackers that will handle all sophisticated attacks and on passwords.

Private Investigation

The field of private investigation of fraud for legal, wealth, business and Will purposes. We also track and traces missing and hidden persons with an intelligence team of our professional inquiry agents. The agents will assist in clearing of records and huge debts which you have no way to pay up.

Financial consultancy

We assists clients who has been scammed by an unknown company or person by tracking and recovering all lost and stolen funds. We fix credit scores and high proper level of hacking is done if you’re having Issues getting into your cryptocurrency wallets and bank accounts, we will recover the funds regardless of the amount. There are also cash help in credits and swift transfers If you need these mt100, mt103, mt760, mt799, mt700.

Mobile and Social media account Hacking

We gather hackers and computer engineers for clients who needs spying on mobiles, calls, android and iPhone hack, Text message interception hack, server crash hack, Gaining access to hidden/private files and documents on mobiles, gaining access of your hacked social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, instagram, Facebook.

Website email and Grade hacking

We have legitimate ethical hackers that assist clients who had school grade issue after so much effort and your grades are not even close to the level of the work, hacking school portals. Our highly experienced team of hackers does websites hack, Website crashed hack, Word press Blog hack, Databases hack, Sales of Dumps cards of all kinds, Untraceable Ip, email interception, email account hack


When we get to work, we use a couple of strategies to find security vulnerabilities, find loophole, Gain access and suggest protective measures to safeguard against an attack.




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It is a fairly open secret that almost all systems can be hacked, somehow. It is a less spoken of secret that such hacking has actually gone quite mainstream...


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